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Scientists find particles faster than light

Sep 24, 2011 09:23 AM IST India India

New Delhi: Nothing travels faster than light, that is one of Physics' most basic laws. Now scientists say they have seen something that can and that can prove that Einstein could actually have been wrong.

Scientists at the CERN Nuclear research centre in Geneva fired neutrinos, which are tiny sub atomic particles, from their lab to another one, 730 km away. The neutrinos hit the target faster than even light can.

Dario Autiero, CNRS Researcher and Particle Physicist, said, "In terms of distance, they were 20 metres ahead out of a distance of 730 km. It is the first time that we have experimental evidence of a particle travelling faster than light, which is completely unexpected in physics as we know it."

These particles are 6 km/second faster than light, which is strange because a 100 years ago, Einstein suggested nothing can go faster than light. If these scientists are right and Einstein was wrong, whatever we know about our Universe will soon be turned on its head.

Pierre Binetruy, Director, Astroparticles and Cosmology Laboratory, said, "This may be the first, very small insight into a new physics that would have applied during the Big Bang. It is, therefore, of paramount importance in our comprehension of time, space and the universe.

Till other scientists do the same experiment and make similar observations, the new results will not be accepted. And that will take a few months. American scientists had reported neutrinos travelling faster than light in 2007 but could never confirm the results.