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Vodafone threatens to sue customer

Jun 04, 2011 09:18 AM IST India India

Mumbai: Vodafone is threatening a customer with a law suit after a spat over deficiency in service turned ugly. It became a full blown war after the customer Dhaval Valia posted the names and numbers of service executives who were unable to help him on Facebook.

Promises on 3G service made Dhaval Valia switch to cellular operator Vodafone in April this year. Dhaval says he soon faced issues with the services and wasn't satisfied with customer care and turned to venting his frustration through status updates on Facebook.

But one specific act got him a response he never expected. He posted cell numbers of company executives he spoke to and got a legal notice for it.

"When I first posted, my friends who were also having problems with the service asked me whom should they escalate it to, so I posted it within my group of friends," Dhaval said.

Vodafone officially declined to comment but company sources told CNN-IBN the notice was prompted not just by the Facebook posts but because of Dhaval's objectionable interactions with their executives. with many responding to their own frustrations through online consumer complaint boards and social networks. They said the line between freedom of expression, protection of privacy and defamation became blurred.

While complaining about services on a private online page is in itself not defamatory. Legal experts say the person has to ensure that he has all his facts right.

Lawyer Mohit Kapoor said, "It should be true, the person should stick to the facts and not make it personal."

News of the legal notice to Dhaval has now become viral on the net and a Facebook page has been set up. With the impact of online opinion, taking on customers is proving to be a double edged sword for corporates.