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Five frog species rediscovered in India

Feb 14, 2011 02:08 PM IST India India

New Delhi: Delhi University scientists have rediscovered five species of frogs not been seen since the last 50-100 years. The scientists were a part of a nationwide ambitious project to send out scientists, researchers and school children to look for 50 lost amphibians of India of which nothing is known since they were first described by scientists. Have they become extinct since then or have we simply not looked enough?

One of the species of frogs has got a striking green neon green body and black pupils with golden patches. But the frog, known as the Bubble Nest Frog, is very and has just been rediscovered after 100 years in the Kalakkad Tiger reserve in Tamil Nadu.

In Dehradun the Stream Frog, which was not seen for the last 30 years has now been rediscovered.

The man leading this expedition is frogman Dr Biju Das, a professor at Delhi
University, who is credited with discovering an entirely new species in 2003, the Purple Frog

At least 30 per cent of amphibians in India are facing extinction. The elegant Torrent Frog, recently rediscovered by Dr Biju and his team, is in fact losing its habitat to a hydroelectric dam in Kerala.

These frogs, which once lived in wild habitats, can now be seen only in the sterile spirit jars.

"Frogs are very important, very important because it is the first land animal. They are environmental barometer. They can predict the quality of the habitat and environment," says Biju.

Species such as these are crying out or literally croaking for our