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Frogs invade Kerala village

Apr 09, 2006 10:35 AM IST India India

Mananthawadi (Kerala): Invaded by an army of frogs (Rana curtipes), inhabitants of a hamlet in the hilly terrain in Kerala are a much harried lot.

The sudden influx of the brownish frogs into a hamlet around a dam site at Thariyod village from forest streams began a few days ago making life miserable for the people amid fear of an epidemic outbreak.

The non-stop march of the frogs continued particularly during night when they took shelter under bushes surrounding the Banasurasagar Reservoir.

They came out of the camouflaged environs as soon vehicles passed by, getting crushed under their wheels leaving the remains to pile up in the locality.

"We have no alternative but to stay indoors as it is difficult even to breathe in the open environments as a stench emanated from the heap," said a villager adding this could contaminate drinking water as well.

This was the first time the hamlet was faced with the strange phenomenon, said another person.

Under protest from the people, authorities removed some of the remains to wells and sealed them.

According to veterinary expert Anil Zacharia, the wild species which bred in streams and water bodies normally influxed into forest.

But this time, they preferred human habitats instead of the natural environments possibily due to continuing deforestation.