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Ganesh Chaturthi : Royal turbans to adorn Elephant God

Sep 03, 2008 02:35 AM IST India India

Pune: Of the many ways of celebrating Ganesh Utsav, one interesting way seems to be through creative turbans!

A turban shop in Pune prides itself in making turbans to celebrate the Elephant God.

The Shahi Pagdi with an imitation of a diamond broach, the four-century-old Chintamani Pagdi, the distinctive Shinde-Shahi Maratha Pheta with golden thread work or the 19th-century Puneri Pagdi are only a few examples of the royal headgear from the ancient Maratha era.

They have become more in demand today than ever before at Murudkar Jhendewala's shop.

Now they are made for the Elephant God to give him a royal treat during the 10-day-long Ganpati festival.

Made with the most intricate details, these Phetas are stitched and decorated only by professional artists whose families made these Pagdi and Phetas for royalty decades ago.

A headgear is considered one of the most important ornaments on a Ganpati idol as it represents respect for the Elephant God, also known as the Lord of Wisdom.

Even Sarvajanik Ganpati mandals prefer to adorn the idols with huge traditional Maratha headgears

Proprietor, Murudkar Jhendewale Girish Murudkar says, "Ganpati festival main jo hum pagdiyan banate hain who hum dhyaan rakhte hain kee purane styl ejaise hee hon kyunki ganpati festival main subhi umar ke log shamil hote hain, bachon se lekar, buzurkon tuk aur yahin mauka hota hian subko ek saath upne culture ko janane ka (During Ganpati festival, we make sure that the turbans are made in the exact traditional manner. This is a good time to showcase the ancient culture as the visitors are both children as well as elders)."

Made mostly with artificial and imitation gems and stones, these Phetas do not cost as royal as they look.

However, buying one for your Ganpati idol may not be easy as most craftsmen make them only on order which are placed six months before the festival.

(With inputs from Nikita Misra).