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Bangalore garbage crisis: City image takes a hit

Nov 01, 2012 09:48 AM IST India India

Bangalore: The IT city is slowly becoming the garbage city and even the New York Times has reported about the falling hygiene standards here. For more than two months now city authorities have failed to sort out the garbage mess. Under fire, the corporation has now approved Rs 300 crore sold waste disposal contracts and plans to purchase 400 acres of land for waste disposal in the outskirts. But not everyone is impressed.

Chairman of Manipal Global Education Services Mohandas Pai said, "The city needs wholesome changes in governance to handle problems like these. We need a full-time mayor who will be there for five years and not mayors who change their seats every year and not mayors who are totally incapable of running this city - who do not understand the needs of a global city like Bangalore."

The city's image has already taken a hit with pictures of garbage piles getting wide coverage in national and regional media. Now the fear is mosquitoes responsible for the recent dengue outbreak are breeding in these garbage piles.

Biocon Chairman and Managing Director Kiran Mazumdar Shaw said, "Whether is it tainting Bangalore's image or not is not really the issue, it is about how we built sustainable solutions for waste management. I think many cities around the world are going through what we are going through."

The state government insists the garbage crisis will be sorted out soon. Karnataka Home Minister R Ashok said, "We are looking at long-term solutions to sort out this crisis and we hope that very soon we can sort this crisis completely." But the civil society is now demanding a complete overhaul of the system.