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Assam victims wait on for medical aid

Jan 10, 2007 03:21 PM IST India India

Tinsukia District (Assam): Eight-year-old Rekha Kumari will never be able to get up and walk to school again.

She injured both her legs when ULFA insurgents fired bullets at her house last week in Upper Assam.

But her family says she's still not received any proper treatment. They say she was rushed to the local hospital right after the incident, but doctors only provided first aid.

"The doctors released her next day and told us to take her back and treat her there," said Rekha's uncle, Premnath Prasad.

The only thing Rekha has been provided by the government is a saline drip. And she's not the only one staring at an uncertain future.

Most of those seriously injured in the ULFA attacks over the weekend are battling to survive.

Even though huge compensation have been promised by politicians, basic medical attention is still missing in Tinsukia district.

For a girl has who has lost her elder brother, for a family who has lost their only son, the government has not shown the compassion that such a tragedy deserves.