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Young at art: At 6, Arushi has painted 3,000 canvases

Sep 19, 2008 01:34 AM IST India India

Pune: Arushi Bhatnagar is world's youngest professional artist. She sold a painting at the age of 11 months for Rs 5,000.

"We had collected 600 of her paintings when she was six months old. Few art lovers who knew us saw her work, saw her colour combinations and were surprised at her strokes. They told us to take her talent seriously and we were inspired,” says her father Shailendra Bhatnagar.

Arushi started painting when she was two months old. Before taking to the brush, she used her tiny hands and feet to paint.

"She would paint on white walls, clothes, floors and wherever she found the space,” says Arushi’s mother Vinita Bhatnagar.

At six now, Arushi has already made 3,000 paintings, put up 21 exhibitions in over 10 cities and her priorities right.

"I will become a big painter when I grow up. I love colours,” she says.