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Haleem: Anytime Ramzan delicacy

Apr 28, 2006 03:37 PM IST India India

New Delhi: A dish of the Pakistanis and Indian Muslims, Haleem is actually meat porridge. It is eaten during Ramzan (Ramadan). In India, Haleem is prepared in Hyderabad during the Ramzan season and exported all over the country.

Though it is eaten during cold weather and in the mornings usually, CNN-IBN Correspondent Bikramjit Ray visited Bundu Mian’s Haleem store, a place which serves it nearly every day of the year, even in the afternoons. He was also able to extract their popular recipe of Haleem from them.



150 gm. dried Yellow split Peas (chana dal)

115 gm lentils (masoor dal)

80 gm. Oatmeal (dalia)

750 gm chop lamb

4 teaspoons Jeera

1 big onion

4 teaspoons Garam Massala

3 teaspoons Ajinomoto


Salt and Pepper according to taste


Green Coriander


  • Bring chana dal, masoor dal, and chop lamb to boil for atleast 30 minutes.

  • Add turmeric, chilli, which cuts through the fat and gives it it’s traditional colour.

  • Add onion, after frying it in a wok.

  • The Haleem changes colour to golden, it’s actual colour.Add the dalia which has been soaked and draned and keep it on dum for half-an-hour. The dalia adds more body to it.

  • Make sure that the water is completely soaked out as the intention is for the meat to lose it’s consistency and to achieve a porridge mix.

  • The last ingredients to be added is the Garam Masala and Jeera.

  • Squeeze lemon for that tangy edge