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Another land deal exposed in Haryana

Aug 03, 2011 09:57 PM IST India India

New Delhi: A day after the Punjab and Haryana High Court agreed to hear 65 other petitioners alleging their land was illegally acquired for the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, its done little to quell the anger in this small village of Ulhawas on the outskirts of Gurgaon. They don't mince their words saying they were cheated by those in power.

Sarpanch of Ulhawas, Dharamvir said, "The DC said to the earlier sarpanch that there was pressure from above and we have to give our lands."

But this controversial piece of land has managed to split the village straight down the middle. Another faction led by the former sarpanch say the land was leased out with the consensus of the village elders and the villagers were only playing politics.

But the Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust possibly isn't the only organisation that got preferential treatment by the Congress led government in Haryana.

It has now emerged that Churchgate medical society headed by Dr Prem Kumar Sachdeva, who did work for the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation in 2007, also perhaps got preferential treatment.

When we met the man in question, Dr Prem Kumar Sachdeva, he denied any wrongdoing and said that it was the then gram pradhan of Ullawas village who approached him to build a hospital there because of his good work.

When we approached the gram pradhan in question, he however had an altogether different version.

Interestingly even though Dr Sachdeva says he has no connection with the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, the pictures are displayed proudly at his clinic and house. Dr Sachdeva's son goes one step further he says they continue to work with the Trust in Amethi.

The uproar over Rajiv Gandhi Foundation being given preferential treatment is yet to die. And now with yet another instance of favouritism coming to light there are just too many questions that the congress led government in Haryana needs to answer.