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Haywood leaves India, leaves trail of mystery behind

Aug 20, 2008 12:54 AM IST India India

New Delhi: The sudden departure of American citizen Kenneth Haywood, the man whose Internet connection was used to send terror e-mail minutes before Ahmedabad blasts, has added a fresh controversy.

Haywood left India for the US from the Delhi airport on the night of August 17 despite a lookout notice pending against him.

Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad officials were unable to give any explanations on American national Ken Haywood, a suspect in sending an e-mail prior to the Ahmedabad blasts, leaving the country despite a look-out notice.

Working with Cambell White in the country's commercial capital, Haywood was questioned several times after his IP address led investigators to his flat in Navi Mumbai.

Haywood also underwent lie detector and brain mapping test and nothing was found against him. Sources tell CNN IBN Haywood is not a conspirator

There are also reports that there was pressure from the US government to let him go home.

Haywood was also scheduled to undergo a narco-analysis test. The ATS is now saying Haywood is not under the scanner

The Home Ministry has asked for a report from the Bureau of Immigration on his departure.

Haywood's legal advisor claims the American fled India because he was scared of going through a narco-analysis test.

The American had made allegations in the media that a police officer had demanded bribe from him to help give him a clean chit and was called to the ATS to aid investigations, they said.

Haywood left the city with his family for Delhi late on Sunday night and from there went to the US via Brussels.

A threatening e-mail sent prior to the Ahmedabad serial blasts by alleged terror group 'Indian Mujahideen' was traced to Haywood's unsecured wireless internet connection at his residence in Navi Mumbai.

ATS officials said they had issued a look out notice for Haywood at country's exit points on July 30 and had checked that it was active on August 16.

However, they were unable to explain how he traveled out of the country using legal documents and yet was not stopped at the Delhi airport.

"Not much action can be taken against Haywood for leaving. But we can consider action against those who aided his departure," ATS officials said.

Haywood and at least eight other suspects had undergone scientific tests at the Forensic Science Laboratory last week but the results had cleared the American, ATS officials said. His computers were also not found to have any evidence linking him to the e-mail.