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Heat stroke: What you must know

Apr 30, 2007 09:18 AM IST India India

New Delhi: With summers here the heat is on, and there is no respite. Exposure to the summer sun, humidity and over exertion can lead to a heat stroke, which can cause the body’s heat-regulating mechanism to break down. Apart from that, a heat stroke can cause high fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea even seizures. Says senior physician, Ganga Ram Hospital, Dr Sunil Jain, “Children, older people and people who have chronic diseases are more prone to heat stroke because they are not able to cope with extremes of any type. And people who are on anti-depressants, diuretics, anti Parkinson are also more prone to getting heat stroke.” Now if you do see someone suffering from heat stroke, here is what you can do:

  • Remove them to a cooler spot.
  • Loosen their clothes.
  • Try and give them water.
  • Give them a cold water sponge if possible.
  • Rub their palms and feet for better circulation of blood in the body.
  • And of course, call the doctor.
Another thing that helps a lot is immersing the body in water. If you have children, allow them play in a swimming pool, as that would be a great therapy. And for those who believe that prevention is better than cure, drink a lot of water, binge on lemonade, buttermilk, juice even coconut water, and avoid coffee and alcohol and heavy exercises.