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Display of communal harmony in J&K village

Jan 28, 2011 08:08 AM IST India India

Srinagar: A village in Jammu and Kashmir poured out in hundreds to grieve and perform the last rites of a Kashmiri Hindu woman who died due to prolonged illness. 40-year-old Daisy's family did not migrate from Kashmir when hundreds of pundits fled en-masse in 1990.

Daisy's end came on Thursday night but by morning, people in Kashmir once again reaffirmed their faith in communal harmony keeping intact the centuries old bond that has stood several tests of time.

A health worker, neighbours recalled Daisy, for helping old, ailing and infirmed in the villages across Ganderbal and Kangan. She would often visit the ill, help the poor with medicine and seek appointment for them in the hospital where she worked. For the mourning villagers who erected the pyre, it was a time to say 'thank you'.

A neighbour Ali Mohammad said, "Hundreds are grieving the death of this daughter. We have sent a message to everyone that the brotherhood between Hinuds and Muslims will remain intact.''

A Kashmiri Pandit Jagarnath said, "Hundreds of people came for the funeral. We are grateful for their help and love. Today harmony has been recalled."

Amidst the many tales of tragedies in Kashmir, Daisy's funeral story will stand out as the one that brought the two communities together while fighting tears.