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Gurgaon: HIV positive kids expelled from school

Dec 23, 2010 07:04 AM IST India India

Gurgaon: Eight children were expelled from a well-known private school in Gurgaon, allegedly because they are HIV positive.

The minors - all orphans - were then admitted into a government school, where once again they were discriminated against.

The children were allegedly not allowed inside their classrooms, instead were forced to sweep forces and wash dishes.

Humiliated the group of four boys and four girls say they never want to set foot in a school again.

District officials who were in the dark about this, were forced to act after IBN 7 exposed the schools.

A probe has now been ordered against both institutions.

One of the expelled kids said, "When I used to go to school, the teacher used to beat us."

"Earlier he didn't know but after knowing he started giving indifferent treatment to us. They used to make us sit apart from other students. They made us pick up the dump and made us do all the cleaning in winters."

"There in school everyone used to tease us, and mam also used to tease us. None of the children talked to us and played with us there."

Jyoti Choudhary, district education officer, Gurgaon commented, "The complaints of the children were earlier not in our knowledge but now things have been made clear to us by the media. And after subsequent investigation we will take adequate steps against the school authorities. For the sake of children."