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Homeopathy - witchcraft or credible science?

Dec 27, 2010 10:57 AM IST India India

Mumbai: Just months after the British Medical Association dismissed homeopathy as "witchcraft", researchers at IIT Bombay have done further studies on the subject.

For the first time, they have shown the science behind the 200 year old system of medicine.

Homeopathy is "witchcraft", "black magic", all placebo and no science - a serious judgment by the British Medical Association just six months ago on homeopathy.

The debate over homeopathy is not new. Some of the criticism is over the quality of compounds - which are heavily diluted with water. The final solution often contains only a millionth of the original ingredient.

Researchers in IIT B have found that these white pills work on the principle of nanotechnology.

This team of experts at IIT prepared a highly diluted solution of pills and checked them under powerful electron microscopes and found that even after extreme dilutions, the final solution did retain the original compounds.

Dr Jayesh R Bellare, professor, chemical engineering IIT Bombay explains, "We have shown for the first time that there is a scientific basis to the material aspect of Homeopathy. Now it is possible for others to take on this and show that there is or there is not, a medical action based on this. And if there is a medical action whether the particles that were originally there and are still there in the final medicine and whether they play a role or not."

The medicinal potency of the drugs after dilution still needs to be studied, but the debate does not bother homeopaths.

Sudhir Kawal, a homeopath, said, "The study is for skeptics, hopefully this study by an institute like IIT will allay their fears, people who trust in the system keep coming back because they get cured by the medicines."

These findings and debates are for scientists, not for common man. Vie been using it for over 60 years and I trust it

It may remain a matter of trust, till the science catches up.