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India Inc stays away from Anna Hazare fast

Apr 08, 2011 08:08 AM IST India India

New Delhi: Corporate India has been keeping mum on Anna Hazare's fast, even as its work force are out on the streets to join the ranks of anti-corruption crusaders.

In January this year, top honchos from India Inc like Deepak Parekh and Azim Premji managed to raise eyebrows when they wrote an open letter against corruption. But as anti-corruption crusade gains momentum, India Inc is keeping mum, distancing itself from the movement.

But for many, this anti-corruption crusade is a conscience call few could refuse.

"We are a group of 25 doctors. We feel that we should contribute in someway," said a doctor from Appollo Hospital.

"Corporates have its own responsibilities but what we are not representing corporates. We are individuals who feel about the issue thats why we are here to support the issue," said another Appollo doctor.

Mahindra Group Vice Chairman Anand Mahindra twitted, "This is a movement whose heart and voice cannot be ignored."

"If only industry captains can voice their support for Anna Hazare," he added.

Aviation entrepreneur Captain Gopinath says corporates need to join force against corruption.

"All of us must come forward and give ourselves a better institution including the business people. Though I may benefit sometimes because I am in a position to bribe and get things done but I think society will not last with corruption...I have compromised sometimes, unfortunately, which we should not," said Gopinath.

Infosys says it wants to stay away from politics behind the crusade.

"We are apolitical, but we dont prevent our employees if they want to participate in their own time," said Infosys Director Mohandas Pai.


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