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India Positive: Mumbai Man Sells SUV to Buy Oxygen Cylinders for Covid-19 Patients

Jun 28, 2020 07:51 AM IST India India

In a heart-warming gesture, a 31-year-old Mumbai resident sold his Ford Endeavour to buy oxygen cylinders to give away to those in need.
Shahnawaz Shaikh had been using his car, that he bought in 2011, as a makeshift ambulance during the lockdown time to help people reach hospitals. He has given oxygen cylinders to nearly 250 families of Covid-19 patients since June 5, according to reports.
The SUV car, with a customised music system, had been his prized possession and had got a premium number- 007, installed at an additional cost. He and his friends used social media to spread the word about the availability of oxygen cylinders. They just ask for a doctor's recommendation before asking those in need to pick it up.