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3,000 Indian workers held in UAE for rioting

Jul 08, 2008 10:56 AM IST India India

New Delhi: In Abu Dhabi, 3,000 Indian workers have been detained by the police at an undisclosed location for rioting on Friday. The workers were held in UAE for going on a rampage on the outskirts of the UAE capital.

Working for a ceramic manufacturing unit in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, the workers had started the protest on Friday night against the poor quality of food served to them at their labour camp.

Security agencies had to be called in to round up the men, most of whom hail from Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. They were arrested on charges of indulging in arson by burning vehicles and destroying furniture.

It is the first time that the UAE army has been forced to take action against Indian workers. All those who are found guilty of the crime will be deported to India after serving their prison terms.

Indian Ambassador to the UAE, Talmiz Ahmed, however claims that it was the workers who were at fault, and that there was nothing wrong with the food which was served.

"There is an assumption that the authority is always wrong. That is not the case here. The workers indulged in violence and when security tried to control them, buses were burnt. No government will tolerate any sort of violence on their ground specially by foreigners," he said.

"We are trying to find who the real culprits are and who were innocent. As far as I know, there was nothing wrong with the food. The entire work force has been detained. Around 2,300 workers have been taken to different prisons," he added.