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Delhi: Meet Simmy Malhotra, who quit her Dell job to save dying dogs

May 27, 2013 09:17 AM IST India India

New Delhi: A passionate dog lover quit her well paying job to rescue and care for abandoned dogs in New Delhi. Her two-room house functions as a kennel for as many as 24 dogs at a time.

Simmy Malhotra, who has been feted with the Godfrey Phillips Bravery Awards, has rescued 39 of abandoned, injured and diseased canines and provided them with food and shelter and her unflinching devotion.

"I have seen dogs with maggots etc or almost on the brink of death. I try to rescue them and tend to them in their dying days," said Malhotra. Abandoned after she broke her spine, Meena soon began to develop bed sores. But Malhotra provided her with a wheelchair and tended to her wounds, giving her a new life.

Sophiya, who also has a similar condition is still waiting for her wheelchair even as her bed sores continue to fester, while Raina is a white labrador, who was a victim of exploitative breeding as a result of which, her health began to deteriorate and subsequently she was disowned.

The Indian breed that finds few takers are not the only ones who face neglect. The appeal of exotic, pure-bred dogs has far too often worked against them.

Malhotra quit her job with Dell two years ago to devote more time to her NGO - 'Animal Help and Heal'. Living in a two-storeyed house, with 12 dogs in one room on each floor, she has been slogging it out, relying on monthly donations.

And while she has been able to convert some donors via social media, a lot more still needs to be done for their upkeep. "Medical care is expensive, medicines are expensive. I have received food for these dogs in donation and some old clothes," said Malhotra.

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