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Two brothers aim to give Zuckerberg a run for his money with Jumpbook

Aug 30, 2013 10:02 AM IST India India

Patna: Two brothers from Patna, Nilay Singh and Ankur Singh, can give Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg a run for his money. Working out of a one-room apartment in Patna, the two unassuming brothers are taking on Mark Zuckerberg and have launched a new social networking website Jumpbook, claiming it offers much more than Facebook does.

"Our website contains 5-in-1 feature that also contains a social networking website, a market place, quiz application, forum and blog. All these applications are involved in our website in our system," said Nilay Singh.

But achieving all this has not been very easy for Nilay and Ankur. Brought up amid much financial hardship, Nilay had to quit studying engineering to let his brother complete his education. He learned website designing at a local computer training institute and since then, has been working tirelessly towards creating Jumpbook.

"We are facing challenges on financial front. We need funds to increase server capacity," said Ankur.

Within four months of launching Jumpbook, they attracted more than 22,000 users. But their server started crashing as it didn't have necessary capacity to handle so many users at a time. The brothers are now trying to attract investment.

"We are planning to launch this on a huge scale and we need some investors to invest in our website so that we can market our website to a certain level to advance to a big entrepreneur from Bihar," Nilay said.

Nilay and Ankur may not have degrees from IITs or IIMs, but they adequately make up for it with sheer talent and zeal to achieve in the face of series of adversities.

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