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Japanese Man Does Moto​rcycle Stunts On New Zealand's Sky Tower

Nov 22, 2018 04:43 PM IST India India

A Japanese stuntman showed some motorcycle skills on the famous Sky Tower of New Zealand.It was a very risky stunt on the nearly two hundred meters high Sky Tower, in which the slightest mistake would have become fatal. The stunt was done on a very narrow roundabout of the famous Sky Tower of Auckland. The height of this tower is approximately 192 meters. Fierce winds at such a height could also break the balance, so the Takahiasino of Japan and their motorbike were tied with strong wires. This stunt was recorded with helicopters and cameras attached to their dresses. The high-rise buildings of Auckland in this video also looked like a toy. People sitting in the restaurant of the Sky Tower were surprised to see Takah Hayasino driving a motorcycle.