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Politics has always been lip-service: Kamal Hassan

May 13, 2009 03:12 PM IST India India

Actor Kamal Haasan could not on Wednesday. The actor found that his name had been struck off the voters' list.

In fact, the actor is not even listed as a resident of Chennai. Electoral officials have told Kamal Haasan his name is not there because his house on Luz Church Road had been rented out as a godown and he was not there in person for verification.

But the actor is furious and said he is very much a taxpayer from the city. He also said that he had voted in the last assembly elections at a corporation school near Nageswara Rao Park three years back.

In an exclusive interview CNN-IBN the actor said he was upset to find his name missing from the voters list in Chennai.

CNN-IBN: Do you think it's an opportunity missed for you?

Kamal Hassan: Yes I think not only me. It's not that just because I'm an actor I'm getting all this attention, I'm just being a mouthpiece for many who have lost this opportunity.

CNN-IBN: Have you been able to talk to the authorities?

Kamal Hassan: No, I haven't. I'm stuck here but I will talk to the authorities and probably meet the honourable Election Commissioner and ask how many more people like me would have to avoid.

CNN-IBN: There has been an entire rage where everyone has been encouraged to come out to vote this time, do you think it shows the hypocrisy in the government?

Kamal Hassan: Yes, it's lip service and it always has been. What is politics but that? But we cannot indulge in the same lip service. I feel I have done the same thing I have been giving a lip service to the media and not voting.

CNN-IBN: Does this entire incident shake your faith in democracy?

Kamal Hassan: No, there are many more incidents to shake my faith in democracy but it is person driven. The whole world cannot have a single system that is fallible. Democracy is not infallible.

CNN-IBN: You have large fan base, so do you think this incident sends out a negative message to that fan base?

Kamal Hassan: Yes it does and it already has. They called me and asked if they should also not vote but I said that is very silly, don't do it. Go and vote.