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Fatwa issued against Kashmir's girl band

Feb 04, 2013 09:11 AM IST India India

Jammu: After facing threats, Kashmir's first all girls music band is now facing a fatwa from Muslim clerics. Kashmir's Grand Mufti has condemned the rock band and issued a fatwa against them, saying music is bad for the society and women must be under a veil at all times.

The senior cleric has also called for women in the country to wear the veil at all times and said that women performing in public is the reason for increasing number of sexual assaults. Earlier there were threats against the music band Pragaash.

Mufti Maulana Bashir-U-Din said, "Girls are responsible for the rape. They should be in their limits. They must wear the veil at all times. They can sing inside their homes. They shouldn't sing in public. They are giving bad signals to men."

After the media reported the incident, Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah had ordered a probe. The band comprises three class X students. The girls first made news when they performed in public in December 2012, even winning awards.

The band members said that they had to call it quits after they received online threats from conservatives. In fact, on their Facebook page, one of the band members wrote that their worried parents were putting pressure on them to shun music once and for all.

The girls hit headlines when they first performed at the annual 'Battle of the Bands' competition in December 2012 and won the best performance award. The three girls have also been barred by their parents from speaking to the media. Venting his anger, Omar had tweeted, "I hope these talented young girls will not let a handful of morons silence them."

Meanwhile, the owner of the music academy where the girls have been undergoing training, said, "There has been a wicked campaign against the girls ever since they made their maiden appearance in public on December 26." He said some people who were not happy over the progress of the youth in the valley were behind such campaign. "Whenever a new thing happens in a society especially related to music and fashion, such things happen," he added.

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