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Srinagar municipality to poison 3000 stray dogs

Jan 15, 2009 01:28 PM IST India India

New Delhi: Despite opposition from the Animal Welfare Board of India and animal rights activists, Srinagar Municipality has once again started to poison stray dogs.

According to the municipal council, the dogs have become a nuisance for the public, especially near hospitals, schools and children parks. Moreover, the growing population of stray dogs has increased the number of dog bite cases in Srinagar.

“We have chosen to get the people of Srinagar city rid of these rabid dogs. The dogs are on the prowl in the mornings and in the evenings. They chase children, they chase vehicles, they chase people around and they are bullying everybody around,” Health Officer, Srinagar Municipality, Dr Shafqat Khan, says.

Municipal official say they are encouraged by the recent Bombay High Court ruling which says dogs can be taken care of if they pose dangers to human life.

The anti-rabies clinic at Srinagar's SMHS hospital registers 4000 cases of dog bites every year. In 2008, four deaths caused due to dog bite were registered in Srinagar alone.

The municipality wants to allow only 5000 dogs in city for scavenging.

The officials privately admit that castration is costly and cumbersome and the best option to have an optimal level of canine population is go for the kill.

The municipality will poison more than 3000 in next months in Srinagar alone.