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Kathua To Aligarh: India Failing Its Children

Jun 10, 2019 08:30 PM IST India India

Just a few hours back - 6 convicted in the Kathua rape and murder case have been sentenced - 3 of them - mastermind Sanji Ram, police officer Deepak Khajuria and Parvesh have been given life imprisonment - 3 police officers who conspired to destroy evidence have been sentenced to 5 years in jail each. After 16 months - there is justice for a 8-yr-old girl who was abducted, confined, drugged, repeatedly raped and murdered - Even after such a gruesome crime - the case was mired in politics and controversy - with many including J&K BJP leaders coming forward to support the accused - But it is not just Kathua ladies and gentlemen - in Aligarh a 2 year old child was murdered and mutilated - her hands and legs broken, her head tonsured, eyes goughed out and acid poured into her eye sockets - for a 5000 rupee loan - her body was found by her family in a dumpyard -in the past few weeks - a 8 year old was raped and murdered in Bhopal - her body was found in a drain - a minor girl was gangraped by 6 men in Kushinagar - a 5-year old was raped and killed in Ujjain. Children are being brutalised in our country and its shocking to see the involvement of serving police officers in such crimes as well as their negligence during investigations - while the justice system moves slowly - with the POCSO act - the protection of children from sexual offences act - clocking a conviction rate of a dismal 29% - India sems to have failed its children.