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Kerala colleges high on festive spirit

Aug 30, 2006 03:20 PM IST India India

Thiruvanathapuram: For the rest of Kerala, Thiruvonam is still a week away but for most of the college students the festivities are already on.

Colleges across the state adorn a festive look and students say they want to celebrate before the exam fever catches up with them.

"It’s festival season so we don't mind taking time off and spending money on flowers," says a student of the Government Women’s College, Thiruvanathapuram, Indu.

As pookalams(floral designs) are fast disappearing from homes in the cities, its college campuses that are now keeping the tradition alive.

"In our college, we have a competition for floral designs and every department has its own Onam feast and we also organise competitions for students and teachers," says another student from the same college, Gowri.

While many facets of Onam get lost in the and bustle of modern day life, in some campuses you can relive the past and celebrate Onam as it should be celebrated.

(With inputs from Achyuth Punnekat)