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Kerala Coolie Passes Civils Exam Using Free Railway Wi-Fi

Jun 02, 2018 09:19 PM IST India India

There are people who write their own stories of success and become an idol for the whole society. One such example is Kerala’s Shri Nath. Shree Nath is a resident of Munnar, who works as a Coolie at Ernakulam Railway Station. Despite all the problems of his life, he took the examination of Kerala Public Service Commission, not only did he attempt the exam but also passed it.
While carrying the burden of all the luggage of the passengers on the Platform, Shree Nath decided that he would sit and and pass Kerala’s biggest exam. Rather than leaving his work as a coolie, he managed to balance his work as well his preparations for the exam. Shree Nath did not have enough money to buy books, so he decided to use the Wi-fi of the railway station to prepare for his exams and worked day and night for it. His hard work paid off when he was able to pass Kerala’s Civil Services exam in his third attempt.