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Baby Knut's cute days are over

May 10, 2007 12:18 AM IST India India

Berlin: He became a media darling just one month ago. But, already, the cuddly polar bear called Knut is worrying his publicists at the Berlin zoo. His snout has grown, and he's eating meat from the bone. So, with "Knut" looking not so cute- zoo officials are trying an image makeover. But ask his fans at the berlin zoo, and they say the polar bear is still as cute as ever. “I think he's still Knutah, I mean cute…very cute. Just the way he moves still makes him cute,” said a visitor. But there's no doubt Knut, the polar bear baby at the berlin zoo who made headlines around the world after being abandoned by his mother is growing up. His weight has doubled since he was first introduced to the public a month-and-half ago.. With his snout growing longer and longer and his fur getting thicker, Knut is looking more and more like…well, like a regular polar bear. Even berlin zoo officials admit Knut's cuddly days are numbered. "That's the reason why we are trying to separate the Knut brand that we've created from the animal,” said Gerald Uhlig Marketing Director, Berlin Zoo. The now not-so-little fella continues hauling in big bucks for the berlin zoo. The zoo copyrighted the Knut label and says part of the money goes to wildlife preservation. One consulting agency puts Knut's market value at over $15 million. That is as long as Knut stays cute. The Berlin zoo officials say they hope, the grown up Knut will symbolize more serious, more grownup issues. He'll be an animal rights activist and not a bad looking one. Knut is five months old now and his keepers have stopped feeding him with the bottle. He's now even eating meat from the bone. The little polar bear is steadily growing up to become as Knut the celebrity bear.