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Kumar Gaurav makes a fresh comeback

Dec 26, 2006 01:53 PM IST India India

Mumbai: His debut film, Love Story, may have made romance fashionable, but finally after 24 years, Kumar Laural's is hoping to shed his lover boy image.

Kumar Gaurav’s long forgotten face may have aged slightly, but it still has the same chocolate boy look that made women swoon two decades ago. Meet, once again, the loveable Bunty, born as Manoj Tulli, also known as Kumar Gaurav. Gaurav is now 40-something and well past his star-making role in Love Story. He was last seen in Sanjay Gupta's Kaante. After that, there has been little news on the Kumar Gaurav front.

"Yes, I've been out of sight and sometimes if you are out of sight, you could be out of mind as well. But as an actor, I can't keep doing films for the heck of it," says the actor.

Kumar Gaurav has two films on his comeback trail right now - My Daddy Strongest, a full-length silent film, and Guiana 1838—a film that dwells upon the existence of indentured labourers in 19th century Guyana. Gaurav plays the central character, Laxman. The film has already grossed over a million dollars in the USA and will release in India early next year.

"It's about how Indians landed up in Guyana, Fiji, Mauritius - it was a mass exodus - this is the story of that journey," says Kumar Gaurav.

The actor whose career spiraled down after his debut film Love Story, is clear on the one subject he will not touch with a barge pole in his second innings. "I don't think I can do a love story song and dance again. I just can't do a mushy film,"

All this from a man who redefined the teenage concept of love in the 80’s, someone who is also rather serious about reviving his father, Rajender Kumar's production house with a thriller called Sach.