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Radicals in Pak recruiting our youth: Maldives

Oct 25, 2009 01:02 PM IST India India

Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed says that the youth of the island nation are being recruited and trained by the Taliban. In an exclusive interview with CNN-IBN Nasheed discussed Maldives' growing problem with radical Islam.

Mohamed Nasheed: We have a serious issue with radical Islam and we need to address that. We have a situation where our people are being recruited by groups in Pakistan and Afghanistan. And as long as that recruitment drive goes on, it gets very difficult for us to bring our house in order.

CNN-IBN: Clearly you are saying there is a huge problem with Pakistan, students who are going from Pakistan are being radicalised. Are you saying this a huge problem in Maldives?

Mohamed Nasheed: It's a huge problem in Maldives.

CNN-IBN: Are you saying that all the students who have gone from Maldives are in the clutches of Taliban and have been actively supporting the Taliban?

Mohamed Nasheed: Yes they have been.

CNN-IBN: And you are also saying these people are fighting the battle inside Pakistan?

Mohamed Nasheed: Yes, Maldivian people are being recruited by Taliban and they are fighting in Pakistan. It's a serious issue.

CNN-IBN: Would you put a figure to how many Maldivian people are there?

Mohamed Nasheed: There is a fair amount. A few hundreds.

CNN-IBN: Few hundreds which could go into thousands?

Mohamed Nasheed: Well, hopefully not. We have to check this and have to have a good grip on this situation.

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