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Indians run away with medal glory

14:07 PM December 13, 2006

New Delhi: Author Salman Rushdie's son says he sticks close to his famous father at parties as "all beautiful women want to talk to dad". Zafar Rushdie, 26, said: "Most people who go to a party with their parents try to run away from them. Not me. If I want to meet girls, I just stand near him. All the beautiful women want to talk to dad, so I stand close and bask in the sunlight. Beauty loves brains." Rushdie, who no longer lives with his fourth wife Padma Lakshmi, returned the compliment by claiming that his son is a man who women cannot resist. "Every time I see a picture of him in the papers, he has four girls around him, so I think he's not doing badly. He's absurdly charming - lethally, disgustingly charming. He has it like a weapon," quoted the dad as saying. But Zafar says that he won't take any advice from his father when it comes to his sex life. He added: "I don't consult him on my girlfriends. He doesn't like the fact that my relationships don't last long. But I'm not convinced he's necessarily the best person to give relationship advice."