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Maruti unrest: Villagers blame migrant workers

Jul 23, 2012 10:13 PM IST India India

Manesar: Villagers at Manesar have blamed migrant workers for the violent incident at the Maruti plant. They also want an increase in local employees at the plant and say it will prevent such violent incidents.

At a mahapanchayat of about 300 people, the residents of the villages around Manssar laid the blame for the recent violence at the plant squarely on to the workers, who hail from other states.

"Migrant workers are to be blamed for the recent incident. Have locals been hired, such incidents could have been avoided," Samunder Pehalwan said.

There are roughly 150 factories in Manesar that are into auto and auto component manufacturing. Maruti alone employs about 3000 workers in Manesar, most of whom, who stay as tenants in and around Manesar. Locals are also involved in providing transport and other facilities to these workers.

"Maruti is the lifeline of the village. About 3,400 people earn there living, either directly or indirectly, through Maruti," Panchayat said.

After almost three hours meeting, mahapanchayat of about 200 villages have taken a resolution supporting Maruti. They say their livelihood depend on Maruti and the accessories factories in and around Manesar.