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Former minister's grandson held on charges of sleaze

Aug 31, 2007 01:51 PM IST India India

New Delhi: Trouble is brewing for a former Congress minister's grandson in Punjab. Ramneek Lal Sharma has been arrested by the Chandigarh Police on charges of sleaze.

Sharma was held for putting spycams in a house he rented out as paying guest accommodation for girls. He was arrested after the tenants lodged a complaint with the police.

The first floor of the house reportedly had spycams installed in various places, including one in the bathroom. The cable of the camera was found linked to the television in Sharma's bedroom.

Police say they have recovered two spycams from his house during a raid, but Sharma denies he had any malafide intentions, and says he got the spycams installed as a security measure.

"Char saal se jiski aisi intention hogi woh bahar se lid kyon lagayega? Teen camera aur chal rahe hain kyonki ghar ke andar chori huyi, ghar ke bahar bhi chori huyi. Itna expensive mera bathroom ka samaan chori hua. ( If I had any ulterior motive, why would I put lids in front of them? There are three other cameras installed in the house, but they were put there after several thefts at my home)," he said.


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