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Mumbai colleges' cut-offs reach dizzying heights

Jul 06, 2007 09:25 PM IST India India

Mumbai: It is the time of the year when students make a mad scramble for college admissions.

However, with good results at the board exams, Mumbai’s top colleges are playing hard-to-get.
Cut-off percentages have reached dizzying heights with some colleges, only admitting 90 percenters.

Mumbai junior college cut-offs are touching record highs. One of the colleges quite frankly told a student Mansi Agarwal ‘s father that students who got below 85 per cent would not be admitted in their college.

Manasi who scored 83 per cent in the Board Exams is feeling low. "I have lost all hopes I don't have any plans,” she says.

"It has become more and more difficult to get admissions. Mansi is really depressed,” adds Arun, Mansi’s father.

Podar College that is a top choice for commerce students, opened admissions at a whopping 96 per cent.

With 120 students getting 90 plus, admissions are expected to close at the 88 per cent mark. And while the 2nd list is out, authorities say a third merit list is unlikely to be out.

"This year, ICSE and CBSE has done very well and that is a disadvantage to SSC board. Thirty to 40 percent of our admissions are from ICSE,” says vice-principal, Podar College, S J Gujarathi.

And good results from ICSE and CBSE mean that even tier two colleges have cut-offs over 80 per cent.

Says a student, Riddhi Rambhia, “I secured 86 per cent and I'm still looking for a college. It's very difficult.”

And as the climb gets tougher, parents are getting edgier too.

“How much more can students score?’ says Riddhi’s mother, Nilima.

“I think it is difficult for us,” adds another parent, Mangal Husseini.