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Mumbai night: Coffee hai toh sahi hai!

Sep 14, 2006 09:20 AM IST India India

Mumbai: If you have coffee on your mind, then Barista could be an option, or maybe Cafe Coffee Day. But what if it's the dead of night and no coffee houses are open.

Don't fret. Instead, say hello to the midnight coffee messiahs on Mumbai's roads - the Cycle Coffee-walahs.

"Seeing them bring coffee on a cycle itself makes you feel like drinking a a cuppa. You can get this only here," says a stock broker, Gunjan Shah.

A garments trader Deepak Mehta, adds, "Their coffee is just fantastic. It's nothing like the ordinary coffee. You need to take a sip to realise how great the coffee is."

Work for 28-year-old Prakash Chauhan starts around 2330 hrs (IST) when the world retires. This Cycle Coffee-walah starts his day serving coffee to a batch of people.

"Children love my coffee, but there a lot of adults come here too. Most of the people who come here to have coffee during the evenings are ok. There are some bad elements that come once in a while, but we deal with them accordingly," says Chauhan.

And work for these men on wheels is not a piece of cake. Mixing, pouring and spreading cheer, all through at just Rs four a coffee.

Says another Cycle Coffee-walah Santosh Gajanan Khudalkar, "I sometimes make Rs 100, sometimes Rs150 and sometimes even Rs 200 and it makes me really happy. The amount I earn keeps varying."

As these coffee-on-wheels vendors travel through the lanes of Mumbai, one thing that they definitely draw is attention as it's the only hot beverage available in the dead of the night.