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Nach Baliye 2 couple rig SMS poll

Oct 27, 2006 09:09 AM IST India India

New Delhi: As the run-up to the finals is hotting up in the popular celebrity dance show Nach Baliye 2, it seems the contestants are ready to do anything to remain in the show.

TV stars Shweta Kwatra and Manav Gohil are being investigated for buying 200 pre-paid SIM cards and distributing them among their friends so that they vote for the couple in Nach Baliye 2, the police told a national daily.

The Thane cyber cell police are questioning Kwatra and Gohil over how and why they purchased the cards from an Andheri-based BPL dealer.

The police stumbled on the scandal while investigating a routine case of obscene SMSes sent to a Thane housewife, the national daily reported.

The police found that all three numbers were part of the 200 SIM cards that a BPL dealer in Andheri had sold to Kwatra and Gohil.

The cards were not bought in their name but in the names of two other people, possibly in the hope of boosting the votes polled in their favour.

This is not the first time that a reality show has been caught in an SMS scam. Sony’s popular talent hunt, Indian Idol, too, had been embroiled in a similar controversy where the contestants were accused of fixing the SMS poll results.

However, channels claim that they have means to find out when and how the poll is being rigged. They say that contestants cannot influence the outcome of shows by getting a few thousand votes because their normal voting volume is in lakhs.

After incidents like these the question that arises is how far do people, even celebrities, participating in such shows go to ensure that they win the contest and how real are reality TV shows?