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Open Standing MRI System: making MRI's easier

Mar 20, 2011 06:45 PM IST India India

New Delhi: A new non claustrophobic MRI machine that promises to make life easier for the patients and gives doctors vital and more accurate information over the conventional MRI has recently been launched in India.

You can now say goodbye to that claustrophobic feeling every time you have to under go an MRI scan. The New G-Scan Open Standing MRI System is not tunnel like, and even promises to do away with the din for the patients.

Dr Harsh Mahajan, Director of Mahajan Imaging Centre says that, "The 2 major advantages are that this is open so there's no claustrophobia there's no fear of MRI. It is also very silent, not much noise. Two and most importantly, since we can do weight bearing MRI in standing and sitting position, we can actually see what happens when a patient is in day to day activity."

So unlike regular MRIs where you're lying down, this lets doctors see what's going on when you change positions. This will help detecting certain ailments in the spine, ankles, knee joints, hips, which would not be detected in normal lying down position.

Dr Malhotra, Orthopedic with AIIMS says that, "Many of these problems which appear when a person is upright or walking, may not be detected or diagnosed adequately when the person is lying down. So that mainly includes your spine, ankles, knee joints, hips."

This new MRI system helps determine whether surgery is the only option for a patient or not.

Dr Kale, Nerosurgeon with AIIMS says, "weight bearing changes the image sometimes and thats what we were not able to look at till now. And with this standing MRI we will exactly know what happens when the patient stands up. So in some cases it would be great help to us in deciding the way to treat the patient. In some patients it would make the difference between a surgery and no surgery, between getting the right treatment or not the right treatment."

There are already some takers for the New G-Scan Open Standing MRI System and they really approve of it as compared to the traditional MRI system which was being used up until now.

"I have a lower back pain, slip disc. I have got my traditional MRI's done but my reports didn't really explain the pain I had. I got this new standing MRI done and now I have been told. It is slightly more easier to get an MRI done than it seemed earlier," said a patient.

The new MRI scan will cost you about 3000 rupees more than the traditional MRI that normally costs about Rs 6000.