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Next Time You're in Lucknow, Visit this Jail-Themed Cafe

Jun 18, 2018 11:01 AM IST Buzz Buzz

There's a Jail Themed cafe in Lucknow. Yes, you read that correct. When you decide to go here, you will find a guard dressed in a prisoner’s uniform waiting to welcome you, The access to the cafe is from a small lift that opens straight on the road, and takes you up to the third floor.

The entire cafe has been designed to look like a jail. The low-seating tables and sofas are placed inside cells or lock-ups or barracks, that are lined up on either side of dimly lit corridors. The waiters are all dressed up as prisoners. There is a wall with handcuffs hanging perfect for your jail selfie with your partner in crime. Each cell has some famous dialogue from Bollywood movies to go with the theme, like Sholay and Deewar.