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Off Centre: “The NYAY Program Will Cost Less Than 1% of The GDP” – P Chidambaram

Apr 12, 2019 08:24 PM IST India India

As the Lok Sabha elections get underway the Congress party finds itself at an existential juncture. Reduced to just 44 seats in 2014 and ceding state after state to the BJP, it has seen a reversal in its fortunes since December. So what does it have to offer today? Its manifesto suggests a kinder sensitive outlook that not only puts individual freedom and human rights front and centre, but also reassigns the preeminent role in creating a more equal society, to the state. On Off Centre to understand the rationale for the manifesto and the political strategy of the party in these elections, Anuradha SenGupta is talking to Congress leader, P Chidambaram.