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Want to make fast money? Be a online tutor

Aug 03, 2007 10:53 PM IST India India

Chennai: Indu Ananth is a professional mathematics tutor. But her teaching starts at 8:30 in the evening over the e-mail. And that’s when her student from Forment in the US returns from school.

She earns Rs 8, 000 for five hours a day for her trouble. Most often she works for five days a week. She is attached to tutor vista, which has 250 teachers all over India who work from home.

But for tutors worldwide, another online tutorial, functions like a BPO. A US-based Socratic systems, an online tutorial firm, outsources work to it.

“This is definitely an emerging offshore service from India and it can become yet another BPO or its service. In the five years time I’ve seen tremendous growth here,” says a professional tutor, Mahalingam V.

Tutors worldwide are part of a $132 billion programme the US government has for online tuitions.

It charges each student $100 for unlimited tutoring every month and pays its Indian teachers in rupees.

“Home tutoring in India will not fetch you that much. Getting into my domestic slot and work slot I think that whatever amount I get is quite good enough,” say Indu.

Tutor vista has 2,500 customers, most of them in the US and it hopes to expand that to 10,000 by the end of the year.

So if you think you are good at teaching subjects like math, physics, chemistry or biology and don't want to handle a pack of seven-to-14 year olds, this might be your chance to make a few bucks.

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