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Park Street rape survivor helps other women suffering from injustice

Jun 17, 2013 12:26 PM IST India India

Kolkata: Kolkata's Park Street rape survivor is not just picking up the pieces of her own life, but she is also giving a new meaning to the lives of many women suffering from injustice. She has now found her new calling at a women's support helpline.

The 38-year-old is helping other victims of violence survive pain that she knows only too well. Struggling to make ends meet, this single mother of two was without a job for a year. But today she has found her new calling at this women's online helpline.

"I am very much messed up in my head after that but I am learning slowly. I was in denial and now I need some closure. I suppose coming forward and helping another person will help me get some kind of closure," she said.

"I feel better just by talking to her. She has helped me emotionally survive the trauma. She has an amazing will power and confidence which helps other women as well," said a domestic violence survivor.

Giving her this much needed chance is 50-year-old Shantashree Chowdhury, a victim of domestic violence herself. The helpline aims to give holistic healing to survivors of sexual and domestic violence. "I was connecting her with my life. At that time I needed a Shantashree Chowdhury but I never had one. Everyone is calling her a victim, I thought why can't she be called Park street rape survivor," said Shantashree.

Hounded by neighbours and jeered by the powers-that-be, it has been a lone fight for survival. "I wanted to get back a little of my dignity with a job and it did not happen the whole of last year. So I started to get a lot of suicidal tendencies because I went into massive depression," the Park Street rape survivor said.

Today she has finally discovered a life of dignity and self worth, a life that she has fought for and won. "I have always been a fighter and if I have to fight to survive, I might as well keep the fight going and I want to genuinely want help others because I know the pain and it's not a good pain," she said.