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Bihar: Govt employees suspended for FB comments

Sep 23, 2011 09:08 AM IST India India

Patna: In the recent times, Facebook has proved to be a popular platform for expressing one's opinion on happenings in the society. Two government employees in Bihar had to bear the brunt for a Facebook comment by sacrificing their job. They were suspended for posting their views against the government.

Walls have ears, they say, Facebook walls too. Arun Narayan and Musafir Baitha have learned that the hard way as they are now under suspension and facing departmental inquiry over their Facebook posts.

The same government, which is getting pats on its back for promoting the Right to Information act in a big way and introducing the Right to Services act, has suspended two of its employees for voicing their opinion on Facebook, the social networking site. The comments they had posted on their walls were not derogatory at all.

Narayan had commented on the dismissal of rebel JD(U) MLC Prem Kumar Mani on his Facebook page while Baitha had vented his frustration on the way he was harassed for getting loan on his GPF money.

"For me, Facebook is a mode to communicate with my friends. If I have done a mistake, I will apologise for it," Baitha said.

Narayan said, "I have a life beyond my office. I had commented on Facebook as an active member of civil society."

The suspension has made them celebrities on Facebook, while the Bihar Chief Minister is trying to steer clear of the issue.

When asked about the issue, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said, "Now, you are asking questions, which should be asked from subordinates."

While netizens slam this as an attack on the freedom of expression, many wonder how the government, that employs lakhs of people, manages to spy on every Facebook page.