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The original fakes: Rip-offs come cheap and easy

Apr 10, 2008 01:00 AM IST India India

New Delhi: In an industry where the term copyright is often taken to be the right to copy, legal proceedings against the makers of Krazzy4 for copyright infringement comes as a surprise.

Apart from music, the Hindi film industry is notorious for blindly ripping off Hollywood hits and adapting them to cater to the Indian market.

But in the era of globalisation and especially when Bollywood's market is expanding across the world, the chances of being caught become relatively higher.

Last year, in a first of sorts, Hollywood's Sony Pictures Entertainment threatened to sue producers K Sera Sera and Eros Entertainment for $30 million for copying the Will Smith-starrer Hitch into Partner.

Earlier in 2003, Sahara Television had to fight a legal battle in the Supreme Court after writer Barbara Taylor Bradford filed a suit against the channel claiming that it's serial Karishma was a copy of her novel A Woman of Substance.

But there have been a few exceptions too. Karan Johar bought the rights of Roy Orbison's Pretty Woman for a similar track in his film Kal Ho Na Ho and recently there is news of Ravi Chopra buying the rights of the Hollywood hit My Cousin Vinny for a Hindi remake.


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