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Powerpuff girls rule US political scene

Nov 11, 2006 02:49 PM IST India India

New Delhi: The most visible sign of women being on top this mid term poll in the US is that a woman will now be the new speaker of the House. Nancy Pelosi - Speaker Elect USA, is set to make history and is quite aware of it.

"The Congress of the United States as you all know is an institution steeped in history and tradition. For a woman to break through what is called the marble ceiling here is something quite remarkable. It sends a message that women can do everything," she says.

And that may not be an idle boast.

Geraldine Ferraro ran for Vice President in 1984 but lost during president Reagan's time.

However, 10 years ago, Madleine Albright became the first woman secretary of state - the most powerful position in the US administration, next only to the President and the Vice-President.

Condoleeza Rice is now the first black woman Secretary of State after having been the first black woman national security advisor.

Even Asian women have reached the secretarial level with Elaine Chao as labour secretary in President Bush's first term.

With the bench mark set that high, is it not time for Hillary Clinton to win a presidential bid in 2008?

Says Professor American Studies JNU, Chintamani Mohapatra, "Articulate, intelligent women do not necessarily win elections. A large number of politically active male American citizens are yet to settle down with the idea that they should have and that they need a woman to become the President of the United States."

For now, Hillary Clinton can relish her resounding return to the Senate and choose her moment for that final bid.

(With inputs from Prachee Sinha)