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Pune a hub for foreign students

Jun 28, 2007 11:11 AM IST India India

Pune: We have heard of students from India going abroad for higher education, but India is also attracting lots of foreign students itself.

Hard working and ambitious, Lee Juien came from South Korea to study philosophy at Pune University.

Says Lee, “There is a good professor in the philosophy department and I will get lots of benefit there. So I think after studying in Pune when I go back to my country that I can work very nicely with good opportunity in the field of Yoga and philosophy."

Lee is not alone, Pune accomodates a huge 40 per cent of foreign students who come to India for higher education.

And with each student spending over a $1,000 for admission, it swells the foreign exchange coffers.

"In 2001 under Dr Kolaskar it was suggested that we become like an American university or any international university. This becomes a nodal center, so we not only do admissions but also cater to a single window system, to all the need of the foreign students like getting visa,” says director, International center, Pune University, Dr Santishree Pandit.

Since foreign students consider Pune to be a hub of better education. The city is home to students from 74 countries.

Educationalists also feel that the mix of culture would help better competition amongst students.

Mohammed Ahmed a law from Sudan feels Pune is measuring up well to his expectations.

"The society here is a Muslim society similar to my society. If I went to Britain there I would face more difficulty there than here, the second thing if I were to compare India with Britain the quality of learning law here is the same,” says Mohammed.

It is not just good education that is attracting foreign students to the city. For many, Pune's ability to accept different cultures has taken it a step ahead.