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US' racial profiling measures irk Muslim community

Jan 07, 2010 01:59 AM IST India India

New Delhi: First it was pocket knives and shoes. And then after foiled Christmas Eve terror attack, the US introduced full body scanners and people profiling as a safety measure against terrorist attacks.

The fact that 13 of 14 countries in the US watch list are Muslim nations has already raised questions. The outcry has already begun to not call terrorists as jihadis.

Meanwhile, critiques say that the body scanning is not fullproof as it cannot detect plastics, chemicals or liquids. This will leave the device useless in a terror plot like the one planned by Abdul Mattallab, the Nigerian national who attempted to bomb American Delta airline on Christmas Day.

The new security measures may also make things difficult for US President Barack Obama who is trying to bring his nation closer to the Muslim world. Experts have suggested that the Obama government focus on actual criminal behavior than on race, religion, ethnicity, or nationality as it is now perceived to be doing.