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2002 Gujarat riot victims to write to Modi

Sep 18, 2011 10:01 AM IST India India

Ahmedabad: Rupa and Dara Modi are feeding the poor in an Ahmedabad slum while Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi is fasting in an AC hall. The couple lost their 11-year-old son nine years back when a rampaging mob killed him on February 28, 2002.

The Modis wonder what took the Chief Minister so long to sympathise with them.

Rupa Modi said, "Why is he expressing his sympathy nine years later?"

Her husband said, "Modi fears loss of popular support, so he is doing all this drama to mislead people."

Social Activist Mallika Sarabhai who is a known Modi critic, feels that there is no change of heart in Modi. She feels that change, if at all, should reflect in his actions.

Sarabhai said, "End corruption and then we will be with you."

For those still dealing with the loss of the 2002 riots, Modi's 72-hour fast offers little solace and instead confirms that this fast-track politics is being used to further his own ambitions.