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Sadhguru and Prasoon Joshi on Bringing Water Conservation to National Consciousness

Sep 24, 2019 04:29 PM IST India India

Since India gained independence in 1947, the nation has taken giants leaps in terms of economy, science and health care. All of these accomplishments have been astonishing. However, let’s try and not forget the basic roots of our country, the soil and the water that have nourished us since forever. That is exactly why the current water crisis needs to be dealt with right now.

The blame can be put on factors such as the need for accelerated growth and pressures of an increasing population. But the reality is that 105 million hectares of land in India have been labelled as distressed soil. One might point water scarcity as a reason for these distressing conditions, but according to Sadhguru, it is the lack of organic content in the soil.

Sadhguru in this conservation with Prasoon Joshi shares many more of such incredible insights and statistics regarding the looming water crisis in India.

You can watch the entire interview below and help make a positive change by joining the Harpic-News18 Mission Paani – a Jan Andolan for a water-secure future.

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