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Salman walks out, says 'I cried on Rakshabandhan'

Sep 01, 2007 10:10 AM IST India India

Mumbai: Salman Khan returned to Mumbai after he was granted bail from the Jodhpur high court on Friday and scores of fans were there outside his house to welcome him. So much so, that Khan had to scale the compound walls to get home in one piece.

He later, however, came out and spoke to the media.

It looks like every time Salman Khan walks out of jail his popularity soars. Hundreds of fans gathered outside his Bandra residence, as soon as news of his release from Jodhpur jail reached them. And arrived to a hero's welcome.

“I am out of jail because of the support of my fans,” said the actor.

Salman didn't disappoint fans or reporters for long. He recalled his tearful day in jail on Rakshabandhan.

“I cried on Rakshabandhan. I didn't have anything to give my sisters. I said something like a film dialogue. They laughed and said, ‘When you get out, we'll take whatever we want,” said Salman.

This bail is just a breather for the actor as other cases against him are also pending in the courts. But he professed full faith in the system.

“I believe in Destiny. I have done nothing wrong. I do not want my head to hang in shame,” he said.

And the T-shirt he sported spoke of his mood with a bold message — ‘My life is a reality show.’ And the show must go on. He's expected to be back under the arclights by next week.