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Tamil star Shobhana makes classical moves

Jun 05, 2007 10:19 AM IST India India

Chennai: Whether on screen or on stage, one just can't ignore the electrifying presence of actor-cum-dancer Shobhana.

A veteran of Malayalam and Tamil films, it's Bharathanatyam that's on top of her priority list right now. And if you're a fan of Shobhana's classical dance moves then you can take home her recent Broadway performance on a DVD.

So does her current break from the big screen a final goodbye?

"When I'm performing in films, I cannot dance for myself. I'm trying to communicate a different kind of energy there, something that's called a 'kick'," says she.

"I am building an institution and I have always believed in doing what interests me. I have now reached an age where in the South, they don't write scripts for a women of my age-group," she adds.

However, the dancer-actress still seems to have her hands full despite the fact that no scripts are coming her way.

"I am trying to do a production called Maya Raavan in which a lot of interesting people are performing. Many of my actor colleagues who have liked it have lent their voices to it - like Naseeruddin Shah, Milind Soman, Jackie Shroff, Suhasini, Revathi," says she.

Well, audiences surely miss Shobhana on her break from the big screen, but what's in store seems worth the wait.